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Transit Sri-Lankan Visa

Transit Visa to Sri Lanka 

Foreign nationals who wish to seek permission for migrating to Sri-Lanka on the purpose of their business collaboration or for studying can get an easy accessibility to this country. Thorough availability of transit visa legitimately solves migration issue of many foreign natives.The neighbouring country of India is not only the redeemed to be beautiful like pearl but do have strict rules which prohibits any kind of civil disobedience or increasingly high crimes.

Transit Visa 

Transit Visa is a travel document applicable when you have to stay at a layover airport for a designated time period, which is minimum 6 hours or more. This is sometimes an essential requirement, based on the trade relations between the two countries. The obligations vary from one country to another, so does the names of the travel document sometimes.

Transit visa for Sri Lanka

This visa is for people who are visiting Sri Lanka for the following purposes:

Transiting through Sri Lanka

In case you have a stopover in Sri Lanka but do not leave the transit area of the airport, you normally do not need a transit visa. Please check with your airline for details, since they are the ones that might stop you from boarding the airplane to Sri Lanka.

Transit visas are necessary if you plan to transit through the country on the way to a third country, for example by changing airport or if you arrive by airplane and shortly thereafter depart by boat.And lastly travel authorization (TA) is much needed and is registered electronically through your passport number. After the applicant have been granted authorization he/she can the e-mail and bring on your trip, however that is not a requirement. Thus, one can obtain Sri-Lankan transit visa.

The coastal country has an online website dedicated to ETA Visa applications. As long as Indians have a valid passport and credit card, they can apply for and receive an ETA Visa in as little as thirty minutes. Applicants can also find the application form at the Sri Lanka authorization website. Indians can apply for and pay the ETA Fee at the Sri Lanka ETA website or apply online with visa. They simply have to fill the form and need to have own credit card to pay any applicable fees.

How to get Sri-Lankan Transit Visa?
  • Go to the Sri-Lankan’s government portal
  • Note down the documents that would be needed to apply for Visa (or to carry when you travel)
  • Apply for transit visa to Sri-Lanka online
  • Fill online application form
  • Make payments
  • Receive confirmation
The visas which may differ while visiting to the Sri Lankan Island are tourist visa, transit visa, business visa and Electronic Travel Authorisation

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