Thursday, 2 November 2017

Points to read before you apply for an online Sri Lankan Tourist Visa

People from Indian origin could carry an Indian passport to enter Sri Lanka for 30 days. Their visit do not include any engagement to job or employment in any of the sector. With the help of Department of Immigration and Emigration, Colombo, their visit to this country can increase up to six months. The validity of ETA visa is only for 180 days back from the date of application and it grants two entries to the Sri-Lankan state. India’s presence in The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation truly signifies that the linkage between the two countries have strengthened over the period of time. The reducing fee rate of ETA applications do implicate the rise of tourism in another decade. Kids under the age of (12) are relieved from paying the fees. As per the legal acts and norms mentioned in the guidelines of prescribed by the Sri-Lankan Embassy.

It has not been mandatory for any individual to gather all of his/her confidential documents at the time of filing an ETA. Login to the recognised web portal of Sri-Lankan Embassy a complete the online registration and then submit it.  And within the time limits of 48 hours, you would granted with the Sri-Lankan ETA along with perfect screening and procession. Please not that ETA is available only during the week days.  In mission to curb the economic slowdown and political instability due to the arising cases of illegal migration, the island country has passed the resolution of framing ETA as a mandatory and essentially needed visa for stepping into their country. Not only for adults, but for kids too,        ETA has been made as a compulsorily visa to travel in Sri-Lanka. The functioning of ETA is exact similar to an online Sri-Lankan tourist visa.

Please read the following points carefully while applying for the online Sri-Lankan Tourist Visa
  • The validity of passport should exist prior to three months of departure and should consist with minimum of two blank pages.
  • Then you need to scan the copy of the first and last page of passport.
  • If the applicant is applying for online tourist visa then details such as name, residential address, date of birth, occupation should be mentioned in the form correctly. As during the course of your visit, the Sri-Lankan Authorities will surely verify all your details mentioned in the form and then would give the green signal for your own migration to this coastal country.

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