Friday, 5 January 2018

5 Levels Of Visa Application Process

What is the most important thing that one needs to take care about when planning for an international trip? Of course it’s the passport. You thought we would say visa? Well we would have but then it would have considered as incorrect which we certainly will never think of doing with our readers.  However we loved the way you mind worked.

But truth to be told, visa does not lag behind the passport, as it is the next important thing which needs to be taken care of once you have your passport in your hands. Once your passport is with you, you will not be required to change it for a long haul. But as far as visa is concerned you will need to apply for a new one for your every trip. However the process of visa application is little more complicated as compared to passport.

Today we are going to talk about various categories of visas in terms of difficulty to acquire them. Our blog will surely help you to decide your next destination.


Who doesn’t love free stuff? We all do and visa is no exception. Depending on your passport index, there will be many countries that will allow you to travel without the need to obtain a visa. Passport index is the rank or strength of your passport which would allow or deny visa free entry in the respective country. If you are eligible for it, all you have to do is show your passport at the immigration and walk past it.


The next best thing after visa free travel is visa on arrival. There are many countries that issue visa on arrival to the tourists to the destination country. Once you reach the destination country you will be required to fill up a visa application form along with some other documents like your passport copy, accommodation bookings, photographs etc.
Once the formalities are successfully completed, you would be granted a visa to enter the country. However if the formalities couldn’t be completed due to incomplete document submission, the authorities can deny your entry and you might have to travel back to your home country.


E-visa or electronic visa is similar to electronic ticket. This category is becoming quite popular among the countries that are encouraging travelers to visit their country. As the name suggests, E-visa can be completed online without any documentation process. You will have to provide information about your birth details along with the passport number. In some cases, you might have to upload the copy of travel itinerary, photographs etc.

Your visa will be sent to you on your e-mail id that you will mention in the application form. The time taken by the authorities will depend on your visa type and how accurately you will provide details. This process is more reliable than visa on arrival because you will get intimation in advance about the approval or rejection of your visa application.


This category involves the submission of your passport along with other physical documents like your bank statements, photographs, ITR etc. needs to be submitted to application center/embassy/consulate. All the documents along with the passport return with a stamp after the verification process is completed. The process time varies according to the country of application and your visa type.


This category of visa process is a little complicated and requires lot of time investment and efforts as compared to other categories. Submitting the physical documents is must along with that you might also be asked to provide your biometric information by visiting the application center/embassy/consulate. You may also be required to appear for the interview. Your approval or rejection of visa will depend on the interview with the consular.

Here the list ends. So we hope we must have resolved most of your doubts. Once you decide a place, got through all the requirements and visa procedure for that country. It will help you save lot of your efforts and will save you lot of time.

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