Tuesday, 23 January 2018

These 5 Staple Foods Will Make You Travel To Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is famous mainly for its beaches, temples and its food. If you are a food junkie, you can find some of the best street food and authentic Sri Lankan cuisine that are drool worthy. The country is known as ‘Spice Island’ and stands true to its name, because every dish that you will try will have a certain dose of spice.
From breakfast to dinner, visitors can taste some of the best cooked meals in this country. So if you find your taste-buds craving for the delicious cuisines in the country, then apply for your Online Sri Lankan ETA. This is the only place that can give you the best of both worlds. Discover the lip-smacking dishes that are worth travelling to Sri Lanka for:
The citizens take their morning meal too seriously, that is why it won`t take you more than just a glimpse of breakfast to become a fan of country`s local food. The breakfast ritual does not consist of just one dish, but rather an array of dishes. Accompanied by a hot cup of tea or brewing coffee, it can give your day a perfect start.SRI LANKAN BREAKFAST
Rice & curry is definitely the country`s national dish. Every meal which includes rice and curry gives an irresistible aroma to hit the senses. Satisfy your hunger with delicious protein curry like chicken or fish, a gram curry, a vegetable curry topped with spices and a fresh sambol.RICE & CURRY
You can find various variety of curry to try in Sri Lanka that will make you lick your fingers. Jackfruit curry is one of the most special curries because of its unique taste. While trying this curry, you can`t really tell you are eating jackfruit as the flavor is quiet spectacular. A great treat for vegetarians, it appears like meat and is worth trying.JACKFRUIT CURRY
Sweet, spicy, savoury and a little crunchy, beetroot curry is the dish that stands out from the rest. Just like fruit curries you can find plethora of choices when it comes to vegetable curries. A must try for every food junkie; Beetroot Curry is like no other.BEETROOT CURRY
Rotti is another staple food in Sri Lanka cuisine. It is eaten at any time of the day be it breakfast or lunch with juicy curries. Pol Rotti is the special variety of rotti which is made from grated coconut. Pol means coconut in Sinhalese and it makes the best kind of rotti to dip into curry.POL ROTTI & POTATO CURRY
Sri Lanka is not only a country which boasts about the rich flora and fauna, but also a melting pot of authentic cuisines. Tourists love the variety of food that the country has to offer. So apply for Online Sri Lankan ETA today by visiting our website sri-lankaeta.com.

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