Thursday, 1 February 2018

Sri Lanka Imposes Strict Visa Sanctions On North Koreans

After the recently conducted nuclear tests and missile launch by North Korea, Sri Lanka imposed enhanced visa restrictions for the citizens of North Korea entering the country. The government of Sri Lanka has taken this step in compliance with the U.N Security Council`s sanction against the country`s nuclear and missile development.

It was North Korea`s 6th Nuclear test and according to the satellite images that were taken before and after the tests were conducted, there was a slight change in the height of ‘Mount Mantap’. The test was said to be so powerful that it has sink a roughly 85-acre area on the summit of the mountain above the tunnels. According to the experts there have been significant changes at Mount Mantap`s peak elevation. The U.N Security Council has condemned this recent nuclear test considering it as a threat to the world.

The Sri Lankan government has imposed strict visa requirements on all North Korean nationals who wish to visit the country. According to the implementation report for Resolution 2321 which was sent to the Security Council on September 15,”North Korean nationals are no longer eligible to apply for visas through Sri Lanka online ETA.” Also the immigration and emigration authorities of Sri Lanka were ordered to exercise vigilance as well as to ensure that individuals on the sanction list are prohibited from entering the country.

“In addition, all Sri Lankan missions and posts overseas have been instructed to refer all North Korean visa requests to go under government`s scrutiny”, according to a report. The Resolution 2321 was adopted by the Security Council in November last year against the North Korea`s fifth nuclear test in September.

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