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Buddhist Temples: A Beginner`s Guide To Sri Lanka

Summary- Buddhism is the main religion followed more than half of the population in Sri Lanka. Learn about the guidelines before you enter the temple premises in the country.
Sri Lanka boasts of ancient civilization, great cultural and religious history. The country has plenty of incredibly structured Buddhist Temples that hold greater significance to the locals. Buddhism is the major religion and people are devoted completely. Thousands of locals visit these temples to offer prayers and worship Lord Buddha.
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Almost all the travelers, no matter where they hail from have Buddhist Temples in their travel itinerary. If you are also planning to visit the country and have received your online Sri Lanka visa, you will be glad to know about few guidelines and dress codes that will ensure a pleasant visit to temple for you. As the locals take their religion very seriously, it becomes vital to show some respect when visiting any of the temple. Check them out below:
While wearing a dress or a tank top is considered a modest dressing in the west, it is considered disrespectful when you are visiting a temple in Sri Lanka. The rules are strict and every visitor is expected to follow them religiously. Every woman is required to wear something that covers shoulders and legs. Besides that wearing a hat, a pair of shorts, low-cut blouses and colorful dresses should also be avoided. Women who are not modestly dressed up may deny entry.

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Remove Shoes at the ENTRANCE
Taking your shoes inside the temple premises considered disrespectful to the deities. So make sure that you enter the premises bare feet or in socks. You can either leave them outside at the entrance or leave them with your guide. Well getting an online Sri Lanka visa isn`t enough, being respectful towards the religious beliefs of others is also vital.

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After entering inside the temple, pay your humble prayers by joining your both hands and bringing them in front of your face. Bow your head to respect stupas, monks, trees and sculptures. It is prohibited to touch a monk especially by a female. So if you want to sit with them or want to initiate a spiritual conversation with a monk, take his permission first and then make conversations.
Also maintain peace and remain quiet inside the temple as there are many people and monks who are meditating or chanting. Disturbing them or interrupting them will not be appreciated. So save the embarrassment by keeping your eyes and ears open while remaining quiet.

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Although there is no harm in taking pictures of the beautiful sculptures, there are specific temples where the signboard displays ‘No Pictures’. Despite signboards there are many people who ignore the instructions and take pictures. Make sure that you follow the rules and be considerate about the religious sentiments of the locals.
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Adhering to the rules and guidelines while following the dress codes will make your holidays in Sri Lanka even more pleasurable. Thus experience the amazing cultural scene of the country and if you haven`t applied already for online Sri Lanka visa, you can visit our website www.sri-lankaeta.com 

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