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5 National Parks of Sri Lanka Where You Can Find Endemic Animals

A natural wonder, the teardrop island never seizes to amaze its admirers. Famous for its beaches, wildlife, tea plantation, forests, waterfalls and 26 national parks, the country is a hottest destination with surfers, hikers, trekkers, birdwatchers and those who are looking to find solace.
Due to its hassle free visa policies, tourists are turning their attention towards the country. Now with an online Sri Lanka visa, you can travel to Sri Lanka. Also apart from pristine and clean beaches, there are 26 national parks which are home to exotic flora and fauna. If you want to explore the wildlife here are our top 7 pick:
Yala is famous for its leopard population which makes it the more popular and well known destination in the world. Located in the southeast of Colombo, animals roam freely here in natural environment along with the elephants, peacocks and hundreds of migratory birds and animals. Yala was given the name of wildlife sanctuary in 1900 and later it was named a National Park in 1938.

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Located in the north of Colombo, Wilpattu is situated close the ancient city of Anuradhapura. Famous for its rainwater reservoirs that are all around the area, it attained the title of National Park in 1938. Legend has it that the Royal Sinhalese family used to reside here some thousands of years ago. Visitors can also opt for jungle safaris or can stay overnight in a tented camp. If you have got your online Sri Lanka visa then you must add this national park on your travel itinerary.

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This national park is located at the highest altitude and attained the title of National Park in 1988. Favorite for its hiking trails, it is popular amidst hikers and trekkers. The trail begins from the entrance of Horton Plains and passes through forests, taking you to waterfalls and over rivers through the bush plains, until you reach World`s End which is a spot that offers spectacular views of the valley.
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A UNESCO world heritage site, the Sinharaja Forest Reserve has been a national park since 1978. It is the last area which has primary tropical rainforest and the reserve is also home to 50% of all of the country`s rarest of rare species of butterflies and mammals. The reserve also has many of the islands native insects and reptiles along with amphibians.

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Gal Oya is famous for its man-made water reservoir called Senanayake Samudraya and its untouched beauty. Visitors can take a boat to reach the island and can have a picnic on the island. There are people from Veda tribe who still reside and hunt on this island.

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Not only beaches but Sri Lanka`s national parks are also worth mentioning. Book your online Sri Lanka visa from our website at discounted visa fee.

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