Wednesday, 13 June 2018

4 Reasons Why Ella Should Be On Your List When You Visit Sri Lanka

Ella is a lovely little town situated in the east of Colombo at some 200 kilometers distance. Located deep inside the hill country, the town has been garnering accolades and considerably more tourists in the recent years than ever below. So if you want to do something different from admiring the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka, head towards Ella.
Going to a place as gorgeous as Sri Lanka and exploring nothing else but the beaches may be an injustice with its unraveled beauty. So get your onlineSri Lankan ETA and plan to visit small town of Ella. Great for both backpackers and luxury travelers alike, Ella will give you strong reasons to love it-
The Hikes
Ella is small but has got its admirers in both amateurs as well as experienced trekkers alike. The two famous treks that attract hundreds of trekkers are Little Adam`s Peak and Ella Rock. Apart from them, the town also has the infamous Ravana Falls and other waterfalls in the area. Ella Gap is the privileged spot for those who want to enjoy the unobstructed views of the surrounding mountains and lowland jungles.

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The Curvy Train Tracks
Demodara Nine Arch Bridge is one of the most memorable spots of Ella. Tourists can walk under it, over it or can simply glance at it from the mountain side. The travel-grammers and travel bloggers are equally in love with the place as the tracks are extremely photogenic. These train tracks are not only used by the trains but also by the locals to travel to one place to another.

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The Train Rides
Sri Lanka is best experienced through a journey by train and Ella is no exception. The train ride from Colombo to Ella is a pleasant experience. The journey takes you from the city to the mountains, passing through paddies and fields and emerging into the forests to finally arrive in Ella. If you want to experience more, take the journey by train from Ella to Nanu Oya which is located higher up in the mountains. You can enjoy the ride once you are in the country. Make sure that you apply for online Sri Lankan ETA in advance.

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The Mountain Views
Nothing can beat the views in Ella! You will witness the distinct views that are unbeatable from the different sides of the ridge. There are two sides representing the completely discreet sides. On one side you will be amazed to see the lush tea-plantations while on the other side you will be surprised to see jungle with waterfalls, a sight to die for!

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Don`t be a tourist, be a traveler! Try and have your own experience when you visit the town. If you want to apply for online Sri Lankan ETA you can do it easily from our website

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