Thursday, 11 January 2018

The 4 Most Stunning Waterfalls In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country with plenty of magnificent waterfalls. There are over 400 waterfalls gushing down from the top of a cliff making natural pools to bathe in. For nature lovers, the islandic country can be a place to relish the picturesque sights. Some waterfalls can be enjoyed from close while others are so rugged that they can be only enjoyed from a distance.Waterfalls In Sri Lanka
If you are one of those lucky ones who have time for vacations, Sri Lanka is definitely recommended. There are two main reasons to visit this country. First is its waterfalls and beaches, secondly you can get Sri Lanka ETA visa online in few hours. This means saving a lot of time and hassle free visa application process.  Here is the list of stunning waterfalls that the land of natural wonders has:  
  1. LAXAPANA- So our list begins with Laxapana waterfall which plays an important part by being the source of energy for the water plant. If you love hiking but are not a professional, you can reach there by car. A little hiking and you will be able to ponder over its misty beauty which is located in the highlands amidst a cold weather.LAXAPANA
  2. BAKER`S FALLS- This chute can be reached easily as it is a bit of a hike away from Horton Plains. Baker`s falls is considered to be one of the most widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka with many small streams rushing down a rock face. If you are visiting it during rainy season, the area can be very slippery, but it`s worth the visit as one can find variety of ferns.   BAKER`S FALLS
  3. BAMBARAKANDA FALLS- Falling from 253 meters above, Bambarakanda falls is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. Although there is no way to reach the pool, but the majestic downpour can be seen from a little road that climbs up the hill.  BAMBARAKANDA FALLS
  4. BOPATH ELLA- This waterfall has derived its name from the sacred Buddhist tree which is considered very important in the island. The waterfall is famous for its shape which resembles a Bo leaf with its thin short stream opening up to a wider fall towards the bottom. It can be easily reached as it`s in a vicinity of a village which is close to mining town of Rathnapura. One can also swim in its base pool.   BOPATH ELLA
  5. RAVANA FALLS- Surrounded by Adam`s Peak and Horton Plains, Ravana falls is quite popular among the tourists. Located in Ella, it is easy to see and is looks most beautiful in the rainy season.  RAVANA FALLS
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