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4 Reasons That Will Tempt You To Visit Sri Lanka Now!

Summary- Ancient cities, timeless architecture, enchanting ruins, adventurous train rides, amicable hospitality, rolling surf, endless beaches makes Sri Lanka an irresistible destination. Read on why should your visit it on your next trip.
A country with so many things to offer, Sri Lanka is a destination with so many temptations for the visitors. Known as ‘pearl of the island’, the country has 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 6 ancient cities and plenty of magnificent Buddhist Temples.
For the beach goers, Sri Lanka has vast coastlines that are stretched from length to breadth. The beaches are clean, clear and the turquoise water gives you plenty of moment to take gorgeous pictures. If you haven’t applied for the online Sri Lankan ETA yet, let us give you some of the compelling reasons that will convince you to spend your next holidays here:
The Undiscovered Gem
Due to the year’s long civil war between the government and natives, Sri Lanka has been a country in plain sight. Since long travelers have been visiting the country`s airport for layover but today the tables have turned. The island has been rapidly growing as a popular tourist destination. Located in between the southern part of India and the rest of the Southeast Asia, the country is undeniably charming.

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A Little Bundle Of Wonders
Not too many countries have as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as Sri Lanka has. Enclosed into a small geographical area, these sites with 2000 years of ancient history are packed at a little distance from each other. Old cities like Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa are well preserved and still display the remnants of the past. While the stunning architecture of forts exudes grace and magnificence of the bygone era, temples boast of finest craftsmanship with intricate details. Not just that, the wildlife on this elephant are well-kept and you can watch group of elephants walking towards a waterhole.

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Beaches, Rainforests & Tea Plantations
Sun, sand and sea! Those who love to lay throughout the day on the beach have so many beaches to explore in this country. With dazzling sun-kissed sands and turquoise blue waters, the island offers plethora of choices. From surfing, snorkeling, diving to whale and dolphin watching, Sri Lanka has world class sites to give you isolation, serenity and a complete tranquility.
Once you feel like experience the divinity of the hills, head up towards the hills and enjoy the cozy temperature surrounded by the scenic green charm. Relax your mind and rejuvenate your senses by taking a stroll around the verdant tea plantations and intense rainforests.

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It`s Easy To Reach
The distances are relatively short and the most of the tourist attractions are located in close proximity. You can go from beach ready to hilly summit in just one day. All you need to do is apply for online Sri Lankan ETA and you can surf, trek, visit the temples and taste the authentic Sri Lankan cuisines in no time.
What are you waiting for? Visit the Island once and you will love to come here again and again. To apply for online Sri Lankan ETA, you can visit our website .

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